Coursework 3 Feedback

When I received the feedback for this piece of coursework, I was unsurprised with the result. Writing this essay, I felt flat and lacking in anything I really wanted to write and get across as my message. I am still pleased with the mark, but the essay itself is sub standard to my usual writing.

A key thing that was raised in the feedback was a lack of sense and confusion around my methodology. In reflection, and having discussed this in a meeting with my lecturer, I can fully agree with this point. I have consistently been referring to my methodology as ‘Postfeminist’. My thinking behind this was that Postfeminism shapes my world view, ergo my methodology. However, this is an incorrect application. Instead, I should stop overcomplicating the matter and instead refer to it as standard feminist methodology. This was a central point where I fell down in this coursework, and I have taken this on board strongly and will be using this in my dissertation (and all my future methodology works!).

I was however praised for my work on self reflexivity and identifying myself as a researcher within my project. I’m glad this was recognised, as I have been working hard on my self reflexivity and placing my subjectivity and researcher position within my project. You may have seen posts on my attempts to position myself in my research if you have followed this blog. I believe that as a researcher your subjectivity and position should be transparent in the research, and I strive to do this with my project.

A point I should have developed more was the crisis of representation that is faced in research. I feel I added this as a supporting quote but that I should have advanced it within my essay. This is probably because overall, my essay had too many quotes and too many authors without me developing them properly.

Overall, I feel this essay was mediocre for my usual standard of work, and although the themes discussed in the essay are solid and will be used in my dissertation, I’m not happy with this essay. I didn’t feel any passion writing it, and reading it back my usual writing voice is completely absent, which more than anything tells me I didn’t do my best work with this piece. I will be aiming to rectify this in my dissertation, where hopefully all of the criticism in this coursework piece can be developed upon.


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